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ISSUE 20-04; February 21, 2020

Most Significant 2020 State Tax Issue: Gross Receipts Taxes – On the last COST Question of the Week, 22 percent of respondents stated that gross receipts taxes were shaping up to be the most significant state tax issue for their respective companies in 2020. New and novel gross receipts taxes have gained momentum across states and localities. Which potential new “misfit” gross receipts tax proposa


Bloomberg TAX

Land Deals Led to Charitable Tax Deduction of $6.8b in 2017: IRS


Tax-advantaged land transactions, known as syndicated easements, led to charitable contribution deductions of about $6 billion in 2016 and $6.8 billion in 2017, Internal Revenue Service says.

Business Tax Relief Measure Dies in West Virginia Senate


A move to cut West Virginia's property tax on business inventory stalled in yet another legislative session.

Murphy’s Millionaire-Tax Pitch Gains Momentum in New Jersey (1)


Governor Phil Murphy’s third shot at a higher tax for New Jersey millionaires may be the charm.

Hot Pockets Heiress Gets Five Months in Admissions Scandal (1)


Even now, almost a year into the college admissions scandal, it’s difficult to fathom why rich and famous people brazenly cheat their kids’ way into a Georgetown or USC.

Trucking Groups Resist New Mileage Tax Proposal to Fund Highways


The American Trucking Associations may have run its letter opposing a proposed mileage tax on truckers in Wyoming’s Casper Star-Tribune, but the message was aimed squarely at Washington.

State of Wayfair: Millions of Remote Sellers Still to Register(1)


While thousands of small businesses across the country are treading water in the sales tax compliance deluge unleashed by the U.S. Supreme Court's Wayfair ruling, millions more remain blissfully unaware of the torrent racing toward them.

NJ Transit, Pension to Get Record Cash in Murphy’s Budget (2)


New Jersey Transit would get a 29% funding boost while the state would make a record $4.6 billion pension payment under Governor Phil Murphy’s proposed budget for fiscal 2021.

Instacart Loses on Contractor Injunction Bid, But Gets Stay (1)


San Diego moved another step closer in its effort to make Instacart reclassify full-time shoppers as employees, after a state court judge granted its request for a preliminary injunction but temporarily stayed its enforcement.

INSIGHT: QOF Regulation Update—Third Time’s Still a Charm for Investors


The workings of the opportunity zone program come more into focus with each round of guidance. Lisa Knee and Robert Shapiro of EisnerAmper look at the highlights of the final regulations.

INSIGHT: Access to Justice Benefits From 'Lawyer-Directed' Litigation Finance


With “lawyer-directed” litigation finance, a funder contracts with contingency counsel instead of a litigant in a classic “client-directed” or “single-case” transaction. Dai Wai Chin Feman, with Parabellum Capital LLC, and John C. Martin, partner with Sugar Felsenthal Grais & Helsinger LLP, discuss the largely unappreciated access-to-justice benefits that lawyer-directed funding can provide.

Tax Notes

Vermont Bill Would Tax Robocalls


If taxation is the power to destroy, then Vermont legislators would like to eradicate robocalls with a $1 tax per call.

Minnesota Senate Republicans Unveil $1 Billion Tax Cut Plan


Minnesota Senate Republicans have proposed a package of tax cuts designed to give the state's budget surplus back to taxpayers.

Supreme Court Seeks Solicitor General Input in Donor Disclosure Case


The U.S. Supreme Court has invited the U.S. solicitor general to weigh in on two appeals arising from a Ninth Circuit decision upholding California’s donor disclosure requirement for charitable groups.

Supreme Court Rejects Arizona’s Suit Over California LLC Tax


The U.S. Supreme Court declined to hear Arizona’s challenge to California’s taxation on out-of-state businesses investing in California limited liability companies.

No Tax Break for Wyoming Municipality’s Child-Care Center


Wyoming Supreme Court justices have found no reason to reject a local board’s decision that a town-operated daycare facility is not eligible for a property tax break because it is not used principally for a governmental purpose.

Massachusetts Lawmaker Faces Prison Time for Tax Fraud, Embezzlement


Massachusetts Rep. David M. Nangle (D) faces years in prison and fines for embezzling campaign funds, defrauding a bank, and failing to report income to the IRS.

Florida Appeals Court Strikes Exemption’s Residency Requirement


A Florida statutory requirement for surviving spouses of veterans claiming a real property tax exemption violates the state constitution, according to an appellate court decision.

Tax Department Would Take Back Seat to Crime Victims Under Idaho Bill


An Idaho bill would give victims of financial crimes priority over the state tax commission to recover funds if the perpetrator files for bankruptcy.

COST Supports Bill to Decouple Kansas From Interest Limits, GILTI


The Council On State Taxation is backing a Kansas bill to create income tax modifications for global intangible low-taxed income, business interests, capital contributions, and FDIC premiums.

Bill Would Decouple Oregon Code From Federal Opportunity Zones


Legislation introduced in Oregon would decouple the state’s tax code from the federal Opportunity Zones program created by the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act.

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2019 State and Local Amnesty Programs

This report tracks state and local tax amnesty programs by state for 2019.

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Testimony in Opposition to H.B. 1088 (Effective Tax Rate)

Pat Reynolds testified before the Maryland House Ways and Means Committee in opposition to H.B. 1088, the Effective Corporate Tax Rate Transparency Act of 2020, which, if passed, would require annual reporting of the state “effective tax rate” (Maryland income tax liability over book income) for each corporate taxpayer that is a publicly traded corporation or a subsidiary of a publicly traded corp