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Stacy Noack
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Texas tax assessments can financially destroy viable businesses. Therefore, skillful representation and advice is crucial to minimizing audit assessments. This course discusses strategies for successfully representing clients facing Texas tax audits. First, we discuss how to address the pre-audit phase and analyze the initial reconciliations and controls auditors will perform. Second, we discuss techniques to apply during the audit itself, including tips on how to manage the on-site visit and to communicate with auditors. The course’s third phase addresses how best to challenge an adverse tax assessment. Finally, we discuss the mechanics of the oral hearing process and strategies that tax professionals and businesses employ to increase the likelihood of a favorable outcome.

Learning Objectives

  • Prepare for an upcoming audit to minimize an adverse assessment
  • Properly advise clients on their choices when facing large tax assessments
  • Effectively represent clients in contested administrative hearings
  • Identify defenses to personal assessments for corporate tax debts

Major Subjects 

  • Texas Taxes
  • Texas Audits 

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