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The Mechanics Toolbox Series is designed to identify and describe the mechanical intricacies and challenges of taxation. This installment of the Series is focused on some of the intricate tax rules private business owners and individuals must follow, and is structured to help individuals understand the complexities and challenges that may arise when planning for these rules. This installment is intended to provide insight into how the current tax legislative and economic environments may affect individuals, and provide opportunities related to state and local taxes and estate planning strategies. This session will also address the impact President Biden’s administration may have on potential tax changes, and introduce selected individual tax planning strategies and tax cost saving ideas.

Learning objectives

  • Describe the current legislative environment and proposed tax legislation impacting business owners and individuals
  • Identify planning strategies with low applicable interest rates and low applicable tax rates
  • Explain multi-state issues and strategies in light of the financial condition of certain states
  • Illustrate estate planning strategies for clients in the “middle” estates with net worth between $3 million and $50 million of assets

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