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Ethan Castillo
216 858 3652

As the Biden Administration’s plans begin to take hold, its becoming increasingly evident that the U.S. tax system is again on the cusp of reform. On March 31, President Biden outlined more than $2 trillion in business tax increases as part of his new infrastructure proposal, “The American Jobs Plan.” The plan provides important insight into Biden’s top tax priorities and adds several new proposals in the international tax space. At the same time, tax systems around the world continue to experience change. Please join our international tax team, as we dissect the U.S. tax policy changes on the horizon, as well as tax updates from India. In addition, we’ll discuss planning considerations for CFCs related to Section 174, the GILTI HTE consistency requirement, and the implications for multinational taxpayers.

Learning objectives

  • Define and demonstrate a working knowledge of recent U.S. tax policy and other recent international tax developments.
  • Analyze developments and guidance to determine their effects on your organization.
  • Determine how these developments would apply under certain facts and circumstance and assess the impact.

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