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Tatisa Joiner

Contractors and real property services providers are prime targets for sales and use tax audits.

Individuals dealing with construction and real property transactions (either buying or selling) must understand how tax applies and should be presented in construction quotes, bids, and contracts. Whether you work for a construction company, property management, architecture or design company, or for an entity that enters into contracts with these types of companies you have to understand how these transactions are taxed.

Most states do not tax the sale of real property construction and services. However, some do, and that’s where it gets tricky. The states that do tax these transactions have various approaches to how contractors are classified and how their purchases are taxed – often depending on the type of contract.

Sales tax for construction and real property can be complex as there are a lot of factors to consider like the variety of exemptions that can apply (from exempt use to exempt purchaser) and the range of contract types (lump sum vs. time and material, residential vs. commercial).

Make sure you’re handling sales tax for construction and real property transactions correctly and getting the best possible benefit from a sales tax perspective by attending this 90-minute webinar.

Who should attend?

Individuals responsible for finances or for paying sales taxes in construction firms, real estate development companies, property management companies, architects, designers, or companies undergoing major construction projects. This webinar is also intended for individuals who work in the construction industry and individuals who hire contractors.

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