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Start Time:
11:30 AM MST
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1:30 PM MST


S. Fader

By December 19, 2017, the world should know whether or not the US was successful in implementing landmark and historic tax reforms – the largest and most impactful such reforms since 1986. These reforms appear to touch virtually every American individual and business, and will ultimately affect many Canadian individuals and businesses directly or indirectly as well. 

This timely webinar will:

  1. Review the very basic tenets of the landmark reforms;
  2. Discuss the immediate impact of the reforms that Americans will need to consider;
  3. Review the basic considerations of how such reforms might impact outbound investment into the US by Canadians with an emphasis on entity selection issues;
  4. Review of how US vacation property acquisition by Canadians might be impacted; and
  5. Discuss whether or not Canadians will be able to access lower US rates on passive investment assets, especially considering the looming Canadian passive investment proposals.

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