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Ashley McNew
(202) 383-0891

Has your company received a notice from Delaware, or is your company under Delaware audit or facing unclaimed property issues?  If so, the clock is ticking to consider your options.

Delaware VDA Notices:  Delaware has begun sending notices to companies it believes may be out of compliance to encourage them to enroll in the Secretary of State’s  Voluntary Disclosure Agreement Program (SOS VDA Program). Companies have only 60 days to enroll or they will be referred for an unclaimed property audit. 

Audit Conversions:  Meanwhile, eligible companies already under audit have until December 11th to convert an existing Delaware audit to a SOS VDA, elect an expedited audit, or continue on their current path.  Both the SOS VDA Program and audit process require a comprehensive review of potential unclaimed property exposure.  

Please join us for a conversation with Alison J. Iavarone, Delaware’s SOS VDA Administrator, about Delaware’s unclaimed property law changes and the SOS VDA Program.  The webinar is an opportunity to ask Ms. Iavarone questions about the VDA Program on an anonymous basis and learn more about the VDA process.  

Topics will include:

  • What to expect in a Delaware VDA
  • Things to Consider:  Delaware VDA, audit, or expedited audit
  • VDA eligibility and requirements
  • Other developments in unclaimed property laws in Delaware


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