comments and testimony

COST engages in the legislative and regulatory process through testimony before legislative and administrative bodies, written comments, and by retaining local lobbyists to directly advocate for specific issues.  COST's participation is driven in large part by member support and is contingent upon the issue falling under COST's mission statement: "To preserve and promote equitable and nondiscriminatory state and local taxation of multijurisdictional business entities."  For questions or additional information please contact Doug Lindholm.



Date StateTitle
06/19/2017FederalLetter of Support for Mobile Workforce
06/14/2017MassachusettsComments in Opposition to Proposed Daily Sales Tax Remittance in Massachusetts
06/13/2017OregonTestimony in Opposition to Gross Receipts Tax Proposal in Oregon
06/08/2017WisconsinLetter Regarding Property Tax Legislation in Wisconsin
05/23/2017Rhode IslandTestimony in Opposition to H.B. 5141 - CEO-to-Median-Wage Ratio Surtax
05/18/2017ConnecticutComments Regarding S.B. 1047
05/17/2017LouisianaTestimony for Louisiana Tax Institute's Meeting on Combined Reporting
05/15/2017MissouriTestimony to the Missouri Governor's Committee for Simple, Fair, and Low Taxes
05/10/2017OregonCOST Joins Coalition Letter in Opposition to OR HB 2067 (Tax Haven Blacklist)
05/08/2017WisconsinTestimony in Support of Wisconsin Assembly Bill 259 - State Tax Administration
05/08/2017CaliforniaCOST Joins Coalition Letter in Opposition to CA SB 567 (Lara), as amended on May 3, 2017
05/05/2017MassachusettsTestimony Regarding MA House Bill 1501 and Senate Bill 1569 (Corporate Tax Haven)
05/03/2017DelawareComments on Delaware Proposed Regulations on Unclaimed Property Estimation
04/28/2017ColoradoTestimony in Support of Colorado H.B. 17-1216
04/26/2017CaliforniaLetter of Support for AB 1171 (Obernolte and Ridley-Thomas) as amended on April 24, 2017
04/25/2017ConnecticutComments on Connecticut Senate Bill 1057
04/25/2017CaliforniaLetter of Opposition to SB 567 (Lara), as introduced on February 17, 2017
04/24/2017CaliforniaLetter of Support for AB 433 (Bocanegra and Ridley-Thomas), as amended on April 3, 2017
04/21/2017LouisianaTestimony in Opposition to Commercial Activity Tax Proposal in Louisiana