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mobile workforce state income tax simplification act approved by house judiciary committee

Last September, in the 114th Congress, the Mobile Workforce State Income Tax Simplification Act of 2015 (Mobile Workforce Act), H.R. 2315, passed the House via voice vote on suspension calendar with 181 bipartisan cosponsors, and the identical Senate Bill (S. 386) garnered 55 cosponsors. The Mobile Workforce Act would set a thirty-day safe harbor from personal income tax and withholding obligations for traveling employees and their employers, including businesses, associations, governments, and unions. Employees traveling to a nonresident state for fewer than thirty days would incur no personal income tax liability in the nonresident state, and the employer would have no withholding obligation. Employers and employees would continue to fulfill tax obligations to the state of residency during the 30-day safe harbor. COST is working with the 300+ member Mobile Workforce Coalition to enact the Mobile Workforce Act this Congress. If you are interested in keeping abreast of this legislation or assisting in the coalition’s advocacy efforts, please contact Doug Lindholm.